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Our Mission

To be the best in the smartphone accessory and services industry by delivering outstanding customer service and offering superior quality.


The Happytel Story

Happytel’s story began in 1994 when the technology boom led to mobile phones becoming more popular and common. Everyone was obsessing over these devices, finding new ways to protect them or wanting them to stand out from the rest. However, the options were limited – leather cases were bulky, impractical and looked the same, whereas cases that offered stylish solutions lacked durability and protection.

Happytel - Mobile phone accessories and repairs to keep you connected
We have accumulated over 24 years of experience repairing devices and providing mobile phone accessories.

In response to this, Happytel was born. A family run company that dedicated itself to offering the right solutions for every customer’s individual needs. Our goal was simple – make customer’s happy. We looked for the very best cases and accessories to accommodate for various tastes and preferences and soon, we started an expert mobile phone repairs service to make sure we were able to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Happytel - smartphone accessories and mobile phone repairs

Now, Happytel is a global leader in phone repairs, and smartphone accessories. We currently operate under three brands in Happytel, Phone Mania and Phone Adore. With over 60 stores across Australia and New Zealand, we have accumulated over 24 years of experience repairing devices and providing phone accessories. We offer outstanding repairs, tech gear and cases to help our customers get the most out of their phone. Our formula for success has remained unchanged. At the heart of everything we do, our goal is to make our customers happy. We look for the latest and best accessories, we use expert technicians for quick, effective repairs and we uphold outstanding customer service standards to ensure you have the best experience possible.

So be sure to visit Happytel for all of your mobile device needs!
We’ve made it more convenient for your mobile phone repairs, and tablet repairs. Check out our quick and easy online quote and send-in services.

Our services

Phone Repairs

Our team of expert technicians offer fast, effective and reliable solutions for all of your repair needs.

Mainboard Repairs

If you’ve got mainboard problems, don’t throw out your phone yet! We provide a number of solutions designed to recover and repair a variety of mainboard issues.

Water Damage Repairs

Our experienced techs have worked with all kinds of water damaged smart devices. From splashes in the sink to drops in the pool, we’ll find the best solution for you.

Data Recovery

Have you got a phone that isn’t working at all but you don’t want to say goodbye to those precious photos or personal data? Our team can get everything you need from your phone and put it safely onto a USB for you.

Schools & Businesses

Are you a school or business in need of a repair? Contact us to see what deals are on offer for you.

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